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(Blame July for this.)

If you wanna plan something specific Meme/PSL wise or just wanna talk general Flash anything, you can do it here.
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i just spent 20 minutes trying to figure out what "hsalf" meant and now i have to fling myself into the sun because i am apparently too goddamn stupid for this world

so i feel like that's a good way to break in this post
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Well on the plus side everyone will know for sure now.

And yes, pop that cherry.
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wait so what does it mean. inquiring minds want to know...
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it's flash backwards.
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i know, i know, me too, shh, it's okay.
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you're not the only one

AND WHEN YOU LOOK AT IT AFTER YOU FINALLY FIND OUT you're wondering how you missed it
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You're a real villain now, you managed this level of misleading people.
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Started this off with people losing it over your username? Yeeeep.
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some would also say go away wellsobard!!!

(but seriously i've seen you around on bakerstreet the past few weeks and been like HUH THAT MUST BE ONE OF THOSE REALLY DEEP USERNAMES I'M TOO DUMB TO GET

and i mean i was half right)
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you mean you were hsalf right.
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i'm so angry about this comment, oh my god.
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(mine is an evil laugh)
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But in other news, your username is fabs.
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THANK YOU i have never had a better username than this ever. it's at least 40% of the reason why i play piper in the first place
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I'm assuming the rest is puns and assorted issues.
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like easily at least another 30% is because emilee's Trickster is so good and she dragged me into pipster hell with her because she knows i will always play her boyfriends for her

but yeah the rest is "oh my god look at this loser"
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i feel like i'm dumb for getting it was flash backwards here with your comment, but somehow constantly missing is was the journal name up there. i just kept reading over it as "half" and thought that was an interesting journal name.
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Go for it. I know people want to.
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Of course you are.

Speaking of bidness we should do something involving these two as well.

Because I'm a crazy completionist I'm planning on loading Jay's comics onto my phone for reading. I got through the first few awhile back.
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... I have no idea what to make of this notion. What would they even say.
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I don't even know which kind of makes it even more hilarious. Talk about serious levels of alt universe.
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Hi Great-grandpa Joe. Wow, you look like my cousin Jenni. BTWs your adopted son dies, your son dies, your grandkids die, and so does your great-grandson.
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QUESTION: What is the silliest AU you've ever want to play out or have played out and what's the darkest AU you've ever played/wanted to play out?
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I have a nebulously-YJ-but-canon-flexible AU Wally where he winds up a Rogue after a falling out with Barry, and it occurs to me that I should maybe actually do more stuff with it here.